Gareth Morris - Commercial Director

CSM Pressings Ltd

CSM Pressings Limited

CSM Pressings Limited has had a long relationship with THS HR Services Ltd, stretching back to CSM’s early beginnings in 2006. Being a very small start-up company at the time, we could not afford to employ an HR expert so we did the next best thing, which was to outsource this part of our business. We chose THS HR Services Ltd as both our directors had experience of working with members of THS and were confident in their capabilities. At that time, we used THS primarily for guidance and advice on day to day HR matters, both operationally and from a legal standpoint, i.e. keeping us up to date with any changes in legislation. But as our company, and workforce, grew we became more reliant on THS in other peripheral areas such as recruitment and training. Over all these years, THS has been an excellent HR partner for CSM, always available and always giving appropriate and relevant advice. We would have no hesitation in recommending THS HR Services Ltd to other organisations who, like ourselves, are too small to employ HR professionals directly. Indeed, we consider THS as our HR department. I cannot express enough how pleased we are with the service we have received from them. Their response to all our needs has been exemplary.

Colin Hurley - European Managing Director

Amnitec Ltd

Amnitec Ltd

Based in Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales Amnitec Ltd have utilised the services of THS HR Services Ltd since early 2015 for HR support, recruitment and continuous improvement consultancy projects. Originally THS were contracted for HR services to support our internal HR resource with employment law advice, operational HR advice, procedure definition and recruitment of key personnel. Early in 2017 we decided to outsource our HR activities completely, THS stepped up to the challenge by increasing their on-site presence from one to two days per week. In our case outsourcing to THS has provided the benefit of part time onsite representation and the support from their in-house professionals, for a small to medium sized business we could not replicate this level of support internally. Professionally I have utilised the services of THS since 2008 and personally I have known the key members of the team since 1997. THS have always provided exemplary levels of services, they have worked closely with the management teams and have taken a pragmatic approach to effectively resolve, manage and more importantly prevent issues developing. THS are an excellent partner for any small to medium size business looking to improve their HR function and from experience I would without hesitation recommend them.