With snow pending, how will your business be affected?

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January 8, 2019
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With snow pending, how will your business be affected?

As winter is in full swing and the prospect of bad weather looms, managing staff absence can be a problem for employers. Are you wondering how snow could affect your business? Did your business get caught out last year? Worried because you don’t have an adverse weather policy?

Staff absence can rise dramatically due to road and transport closures. This combined with school closures force many workers to remain at home. It is important to make sure that all employees have a good understanding of their rights and responsibilities. An adverse weather policy is crucial for advising staff on how to proceed during bad weather.  

If there is disruption to transport due to the weather, employees have no legal right to be paid. However, if your organisation is forced to close because of heavy snowfall, employees still have the right to pay. ACAS state that employees can sometimes be uncertain about their statutory rights, such as whether they are entitled to parental leave when childcare arrangements break down. Providing your staff with options of taking extra leave or working from home can play a huge part in maintaining staff motivation and morale during periods of weather disruption.

Effective absence management and flexible working options can help maintain staff productivity and reduce the cost to businesses during these unpredictable months.

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